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Cartoon: Destroying Culture

Miguel Villalba Sánchez on the cancellation of the 5th annual Cartooning for Peace conference in Normandy, France.

Photo provided by Jennifer Clement.

“Making Love in Spanish”: A Poem by Jennifer Clement

Read a poem by Jennifer Clement, poet and former president of PEN Mexico.

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Cartoon: Normalizing Relations

Alfredo Martirena on the challenge of “normalizing” US-Cuba relations.

Photo provided by the author.

Free El Sexto!

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on the arrest and ongoing detention of Cuban graffiti artist El Sexto.

The invitation to Totally Naked. Photo provided by author.

“Totally Naked”

In times of oppression, almost everything becomes political, including a photographic exhibition celebrating nudity.

The End of Skill: Mamle Kabu
by Sampsonia Way / January 28, 2015
"The message for Vanessa showed his growing awareness of the issue of African-American heritage and its value on the kente market." Read more...
Cuban artist El Sexto is in jail. Photo provided by the author.
¡Liberen al Sexto!
by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo / February 27, 2015
Solidaridad con El Sexto ahora: grafiteros de todos los países, ¡uníos! Read more...
Three Percent has become an important source for international translated literature.
“We Don’t Want to Publish the Estonian Jonathan Franzen”: Three Percent’s Chad W. Post
by Caitlyn Christensen / December 17, 2014
Chad W. Post, editor at Three Percent and publisher at Open Letter Books, is making a space for international translated literature in 2014. Read more...
Sedition Act in Malaysia
Slideshow: Cartoons by Arrested Malaysian Artist Zunar
by Olivia Stransky / February 13, 2015
On Tuesday night, Malaysian cartoonist Zulkifli Anwar Ulhaque (also known as Zunar) was arrested for sedition. Read more...

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