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by Joshua Barnes    /  May 19, 2011  / No comments

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The current issue of Sampsonia Way features a profile of Tibetan blogger and poet Tsering Woeser. Here we deliver some more information about Woeser, her blogging history, and new Tibetan writing, through a series of pictures.

Since 2005 Woeser has been blogging about the current political and social situation in Tibet. Despite the Communist Party of China’s heavily censored press-releases her goal is to communicate the truth of today’s Tibet to the world. To do this, she blogs up-close-and-personal accounts of Tibetan events rarely covered by major media outlets. As a result, Woeser faces the double-edged sword that the internet has become. On one hand, cyberspace is the forum to speak her mind, on the other, it’s a tool through which she is watched, threatened, and constantly harassed.


Read Woeser’s featured profile.
Read the text-only version of Woeser’s featured profile.

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