Poetry: Kōiwi Kōiwi | Bone Bone by Hinemoana Baker

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In her compelling second collection of poetry Hinemoana Baker amplifies what’s usually whispered, magnifies the microscopic, and x-rays the mundane. Baker is a writer, musician, and sound artist living on Wellington’s Kapiti Coast. Born in Christchurch, she has traveled widely, and was 2009 Arts Queensland Poet in Residence. Her first book, published jointly by Victoria University Press and in the US by Perceval Press, was mātuhi | needle.

“Methods of Assessing the Likely Presence of a Terrorist Threat in a Remote Indigenous Community,” from KŌIWI KŌIWI | BONE BONE by Hinemoana Baker, copyright (c) 2010 by Hinemoana Baker. Used by permission of Victoria University Press, PO Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand.

CLICK HERE to buy a copy of Kōiwi Kōiwi | Bone Bone.

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