The Greek Riots: Reporters at the Front Lines

by Caitlyn Christensen    /  October 18, 2011  / No comments

While covering anti-austerity protests and strikes in Athens and other Greek cities, journalists have been attacked by police and, in some cases, the protesters themselves. Police attack photographers and journalists for documenting attacks on protesters. Freelancers, bloggers, and foreign journalists have also been caught in the fray. Photographer Tatiana Bolari was punched in the face, freelance photographer Pascualino Serinelli received baton blows to the legs, and photographer Manolis Kypraios has brought a lawsuit against the state after losing his hearing in the blast of a stun grenade. Kypraios said the policeman deliberately threw the grenade after the reporter showed his press credentials. With disabilities too great to continue reporting, Kypraios lost his job.

Others have complained of beatings, broken teeth and cameras, and being deliberately hit with riot shields. Despite the dangerous atmosphere, photographers have continued to document the challenges of reporting and photographing in the midst of Greece’s economic uproar.

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