Lia Villares

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Lia Villares (La Habana, 1984).

Fiction writer, musician, blogger, visual artist.

Lia hasn’t yet published any books. Her writing is herself, her motley room full of incense and music, her diaries half-finished or half-begun, her incredible blogs all of them called “Hechizamiento Habanémico Hebdomanario.” Her stories have appeared in national magazines and anthologies, but most of her creativity goes into the digital world, where she is one of the most important social activists of the Cuban blogosphere.

Twitter: @LiaVillares

Interview by Ernesto Santana

“There are so many new blogs that surge each day that we can´t afford to know them all, much less follow each of them. If I didn’t believe in the importance that this alternative movement has now, behaving like life guards in the absolute wreck of the information that comes in and out of our island, and also being that last trace of oxygen that we take in the very face of total control, at least in the internet —turned into hyper-reality—well, I wouldn’t be giving this interview! As the artist and colleague Ana Olema said, we have become a kind of “civil resuscitators,” no longer satisfied only with commenting or posting the news of violations, but going out to face whatever comes. Our virtual cry against the total lack of civil and human rights is now becoming a very real one.” Read More.

Read Dis Tortue, Dors-Tu Nue? by Lia Villares

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