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  • A Quick Guide to Iran’s National Internet

    Iran’s plans to introduce a domestic computer network that would be compatible with Islamic principles and work independently from the World Wide Web are shrouded in secrecy. RFE/RL has compiled this quick guide to the possible introduction of a national Internet in Iran and the challenges it may face.


  • India: How to Silence a Nation

    In this essay, journalist and author Salil Tripathi, explains how outdated Colonial-era legislation is being used to curtail free expression, exemplified by the legal proceeding filed against four authors who read aloud from Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses.


  • Uzbek Editor’s Prison Sentence Extended

    Muhammad Bekjanov, former editor of newspaper Erk, and his brother Yusuf Ruzimuaradov have been imprisoned longer than any other reporters worldwide. The Uzbek government is known for its consistent persecution and torture of political dissidents, writers, and religious groups.