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  • IraNeda: Uncut Coverage from Iran

    Sponsored by Reporters without Borders, IraNeda is a participative, independent satellite TV station launched by fifteen leading members of the Iranian diaspora, including several journalists, to combat news censorship in Iran.


  • Q&A with Cambodian Writer Alice Pung

    Here Alice Pung talks to Khet Mar about what kind of a writer she would be if she lived in Cambodia, her challenges as a Cambodian writer born in a different country, and Writers in Motion, a regional tour she’s currently on with other 8 writers exploring the Mid-Atlantic and South.


  • Judith Torrea Wins Reporters Without Borders BOB Award

    Journalist Judith Torrea’s blog, “Juárez, Under the Shadow of Drug Trafficking,” wins this year’s BOB Award for “Reporters Without Borders”, organized by Germany’s Deutsche Welle. Torrea’s blog covers drug cartel activities, government repression and police corruption in northern Mexico.