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  • A Change of Seasons in a New Land

    translated by Aung Aung Taik My very first trip to America was in 2007 to participate in the International Writing Program held at the University of Iowa.  Here I am, again, in America for the second […]


  • The Trouble with Grass Weeds

    translated by Aung Aung Taik I had been gazing at my new American backyard, longing to be able to garden as I used to in Burma. My neighbor, Henry, brought me a rose bush that another […]


  • A Newlife: Neighbors Bearing Bushes

    translated by Aung Aung Taik While living in my village in Burma, I enjoyed offering our home-grown flowers to our house shrine and eating the peas and gourds we grew for dinner.  Near our village, the […]