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The Writer’s Block: Horacio Castellanos Moya

Horacio Castellanos Moya talks about writing his latest novel, The Dream of My Return.

A sample of Saad Murtadha's work. Image via: Cartoon Movement.

To Be Brief and Brilliant: An Interview with Iraqi Cartoonist Saad Murtadha

In the latest installment of our feature on press freedom in Iraq, we interviewed Iraqi cartoonist Saad Murtadha.

Journalist Moayad al-Haidari of Radio Free Europe/Radio Free Iraq. Photo provided by Mr. al-Haidari.

“Our Enemy Could Be Anyone”: An Interview with Moyad Al Haidari of Radio Free Iraq

Moayad AlHaidari, former Bureau Chief for Radio Free Iraq in Baghdad, discusses the impact of the US Occupation of Iraq on the media landscape in that country today.

Ruki Fernando's reportage on Tamil human rights issues has led to his arrest. Photo provided by Mr. Fernando.

The Freedom Chat Transcripts: Sri Lankan Human Rights Defender Ruki Fernando

In this Freedom Chat, Ruki Fernando, a Sri Lankan human rights defender, discusses impunity, war crimes, and militant Buddhism.

Journalist Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq. Photo provided by Mr. Kareem.

Two Types of Freedom: An Interview with Journalist Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq

Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq discusses how the media landscape in Iraq today emerged from the 2003 US invasion and subsequent occupation of his country.