Literary Voices

  • Exodus

    We have already gone to the hot side of the sun, the places where fire lights on the water, where dark blood pours through the long night. We have already been to that far away place. [...]


  • Lorin Stein: The Guardian of a Pantheon

    Photo © National Arts Club Page Series, New York, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Francisco, Claremont, Los Angeles. Those were the cities in the whistle-stop tour of Lorin Stein. On his journey, the 37-year-old editor [...]


  • Hinemoana Baker: The Page and the Stage

    Hinemoana Baker at the Jazz Poetry Concert, Photo © Renee Rosensteel In “Our Children Have Run Away to Fiji” New Zealand poet Hinemoana Baker writes, “When they get there they make entirely/ different noises. This one [...]