• Law Eh Soe
    First Film Festival in Burma Announces Winner

    The Art of Freedom film festival awarded the Best Short Documentary prize to “Click in Fear,” a film about journalist Law Eh Soe. Burma’s first film festival featured uncensored films, some of which are critical of the former military regime.


  • philo-Ikonya-Kenya-will-yo-Marry-me-e1309447366586
    Top 10 Must-Read Excerpts of 2011

    From Kenyan poet Philo Ikonya to National Book Award-winner Terrance Hayes, Sampsonia Way has featured the work of poets and novelists from around the world, many of whom have dealt first-hand with censorship and persecution.


  • Javier Sicilia / Mexican Poet
    Best Of Sampsonia Way Daily Posts 2011

    The following selection compiles 2011′s must-read Daily Posts in Sampsonia Way. Here you’ll read the first-hand experiences of musicians, writers, bloggers, filmmakers and journalists who are struggling to speak their minds.