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    Saxophonist Erica Lindsay’s Love of the Moment

    In this video, Musician Erica Lindsay talks about composition, improvisation, poetry, and playing with a large band. Lindsay has been featured in the Jazz Poetry Concert series as a member of Oliver Lake’s Big Band Ensemble and is currently working on her own projects with improvised saxophone and orchestral compositions.


  • Saxophonist Alex Harding Stuns Audience

    According to baritone saxophonist Alex Harding, if you want to know jazz, you must first know the blues. “The blues is what this music is about. Period,” he said during rehearsal for City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s 2010 Jazz Poetry festival. In this video, Harding explains how the sound of the sax emanates from the same place as the human voice and reflects on the rich jazz legacy of rust belt cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit.