A Column by Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
Is it worth-while to focus on the last images and letters coming from the inside of the last living utopia on Earth? Is Cuba by now a contemporary country or just another old-fashioned delusion in the middle of Nowhere-America? A Cold-War Northtalgia maybe? Can we expect a young Rewwwolution.cu within that Ancien Régime still known as The Revolution? I would like to provoke more questions than answers.

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Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo was born in Havana City and still resides and resists there, working as a free-lance writer, photographer and blogger. He is the author of Boring Home (2009) and is the editor of the independent opinion and literary e-zine Voces.
  • Yasmín Silvia Portales, founder of the Rainbow Project. Photo: Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo

    In this week’s Revolution Evening Post Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo talks about political kisses in Havana and focuses on the recent Gay Pride Day celebration there and the movement fighting for LGBT rights.


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