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Russia Cracks Down on Internet Free Speech, Except When It’s ISIS

According to a new report by Apparat, the presence of an underground ISIS network on Russian social media points to an inconsistent censorship policy by Russia.


Writers in the Garden: Dave Newman

On July 17th, City of Asylum Pittsburgh presented Writers in the Garden, an annual celebration of local poets and the Northside community.

Poster courtesy of Kevin Lovelace.

The Global Shift Festival Comes to Pittsburgh

The fourth annual Global Shift Festival is coming to Point Park University, September 18 – 21. The festival will consist of four days of films, panels, workshops, selected shorts, and special events, all curated around the theme of “The Future Starts Now.”

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Do Wars Justify Censorship? A Dilemma Not Easily Answered

Can some countries prevent the media from full access based on it being a risk to security? Can conflict be a genuine excuse for censorship and the restriction of free expression?

Sri Lankan writer Sonali Samarasinghe. Photo: Josh Barnes.

Three Poems from Sonali Samarasinghe’s The Land My Father Gave Me

For more than two decades, Samarasinghe fought for justice, freedom, and accountability in Sri Lanka. Produced in the wake of catastrophic loss, her poems unflinchingly merge the personal with the political, evoking the emotional heft of both “a cry and a song.”


SW Daily

  • Photo from the protests in Ferguson, Mo., where at least a dozen journalists have been arrested. via Flickr user: velo_city
    Journalism is Under Attack, and Not Just in Ferguson

    “It is not a great time to be a journalist in America.” In this article originally published on August 21 at the ACLU, author Nao Yachot examines the ways in which the events in Ferguson indicate an ongoing trend of government attacks on First Amendment rights.


  • The Tibetan singer Gembey
    Tibet/China: Artists have to tread an incredibly fine line

    “The censorship of music within both Tibet and China has been known to reach absurd heights.” In this article originally published by Free Muse on July 9, author Dechen Pemba highlights the dangers surrounding cultural expression as well as the beauty of the work created by musicians in Tibet.