Journalist Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq. Photo provided by Mr. Kareem.

Two Types of Freedom: An Interview with Journalist Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq

Saleem Kareem of Radio Free Iraq discusses how the media landscape in Iraq today emerged from the 2003 US invasion and subsequent occupation of his country.

Arabic letters at the welcome Library, London. Photo via Wikimedia Commons..

The Poet Cannot Stand Aside: Arabic Literature and Exile

Migration, banishment, and estrangement have long been themes of Arabic literature, and much of 2014′s Arabic translated literature took exile as a central theme.

A former Abu Ghraib detainee, as photographed by Chris Bartlett for The Detainee Project. Photo via YouTube user: Center for Constitutional Rights

Seeking Accountability for Abu Ghraib: An Interview with Katherine Gallagher of the Center for Constitutional Rights

Since 2004, Katherine Gallagher and her colleagues at the CCR have been seeking to hold the corporations that profited off of torturing inmates at Abu Ghraib accountable. Sampsonia Way interviewed Ms. Gallagher about the case, which returned to district court in early February.

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Cartoon: A Cuban Icon Revisited

Cuba is coming off America’s terrorism watch list and no one might be more excited than corporate America.

The forbidden city in the smog. Photo via Flickr user: John Chandler.

President Xi the “Tiger-tamer” Could Do Much More to Prevent Environmental Disaster

Environmental catastrophe is knocking on China’s door. In Under the Dome, investigative journalist Chai Jing brought the Chinese and their government face to face with the smog issue.


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