Aerial view of burned homes in Abyei, on the border of South Sudan in 2011. Years of ethnic violence have followed the Second Sudanese Civil War. Photo via Flickr user: United Nations Photo.

South Sudan: The Art of “Nationcide” vs. the Crisis of Antidotes

South Sudan will descend to a perpetual Hobbesian “war of all against all,” exposing the moral bankruptcy of the West again, not to mention the colossal human toll.

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Cartoon: Erdoğan v Penguen

Terry Anderson on the charges against cartoonists Bahadir Baurter and Özer Aydoğan.

Demonstrators call for the release of Saudi intellectuals. Photo provided by the author.

Are Saudi Intellectuals Alone?

In Saudi Arabia, Raif Badawi faces the death penalty. “Human rights? What human rights?!” say the despots in Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Turkey.

Photo: Ahmad via Flickr (Creative Commons License)

A Question

The two Iranian political parties rivaling for control of the presidency are, in form but not in content, similar to the contentions between the Democratic and Republican parties in the United States.

Photo provided by Betre Yacob.

The Freedom Chat Transcripts: Exiled Ethiopian Journalist Betre Yacob

Betre Yacob is currently in exile from Ethiopia for publishing articles exposing human rights conditions and corruption. Editorial intern Emily Durham spoke with Betre on exile, censorship, and freedom of speech conditions.


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