Morocco: Rapper El Haqed speaks of freedom and flaws

If the Moroccan authorities meant to silence the dissident Moroccan rapper El Haqed by locking him up in a prison cell on trumped up charges, it didn’t work.

Andrei Makarevich

Russia and Ukraine: Musicians caught between conflict, bitter rhetoric and outright bans

The Russian and Ukrainian music scenes have always been intertwined. Young Ukrainian artists would come to Moscow looking for fame and fortune, while Russian celebrities would go to Ukraine on tour. But as nationalist rhetoric gets more heated, cultural exchange is suffering.

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Cartoon: Conspiracy of Silence

Kenyan cartoonist Victor Ndula on the silence surrounding the victims of post-election violence.

Ilham Tohti

China: Life sentence for Uyghur PEN member Ilham Tohti

The draconian sentence passed on Ilham Tohti, an academic and member of China’s Uyghur minority is a travesty of justice, PEN International said today, as it reiterated its call for his immediate and unconditional release.

Photo: amnestystudent, Creative Commons

The World Must Carry The Voice Of Maryam

Time and time again, the Bahrain regime has demonstrated its intolerance for any dissent. Activists like Maryam, her sister and her father know the grave risks they face, yet they continue to fight for freedom.


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