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  • Bookshop in Yangon
    On the Precipice: Burmese Literature Post-Censorship

    What kind of literature might emerge in Burma, post-censorship? James Byrne, co-editor of the Burmese poetry anthology Bones Will Crow, reports on how government reforms are changing the literary landscape for writers and publishers, and how the rosy future of Burmese literature is really just a “surface reality.”


  • Yusuf Has Hajib
    Knowledge for Happiness

    Tarık Günersel’s selected, paraphrased, and recomposed ideas from Kutadgu Bilig / Knowledge For Happiness, a 6500 couplet work written by the Uyghur thinker Yusuf Khass Hajib in 1070.


  • Gods of the Modern World
    Ungovernable for Us: Part III

    The conclusion to Israel Centeno’s three-part series on the roots of violence in Latin America. In this final installment Centeno discusses how “distorted legends of heroism” and nationalism cover and cause the region’s inextricable cycle of revolt and “the prevalence of violence in all spaces.”