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  • Volski's newest album, "Hramadaznaustva", which means "Social Studies".
    Belarus: Outspoken Musicians Endangered

    In Belarus, musicians fall into two camps under the Lukashenka regime – political or unpolitical. Belarusian musician Lavon Volski belongs to the former and is ardently fighting for the freedom of expression in his country.


  • Gul Panag
    Twitter Trolls in India: Sexist Abuse as a Tool to Muzzle Women

    This article draws attention to the real increase of sexist online abuse in India via social media channels like Twitter. Female activists who have “tweeted” political messages are consistently targeted for their outspokenness and are met with serious threats that transcend the digital realm. The article was originally published on April 1, 2014 by the Index on Censorship.