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  • Karam Saber
    The Defamation of Religion and Karam Saber, Again

    Last October, Hamdy El-Gazzar wrote about Karam Saber, an Egyptian writer who was sentenced to five years in prison for “contempt- and defamation of religion” in his short story collection, Where is God. On March 11, the Beba Misdemeanour Court in Beni Sueif upheld this sentence.


  • The Little Dutch Boy

    In this week’s column Yaghoub Yadali talks about the construction, danger, and humanity of Iranian heroes, past and present.


  • Bookshop in Yangon
    On the Precipice: Burmese Literature Post-Censorship

    What kind of literature might emerge in Burma, post-censorship? James Byrne, co-editor of the Burmese poetry anthology Bones Will Crow, reports on how government reforms are changing the literary landscape for writers and publishers, and how the rosy future of Burmese literature is really just a “surface reality.”