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  • PEN Presents: Who's Afraid of Free Speech?
    Video: Who’s Afraid of Free Speech?

    On December 4, 2013, PEN PRESENTS: “Who’s Afraid of Free Speech?” brought together writers David Simon, E.L. Doctorow, Masha Gessen, Azar Nafisi, and moderator James Fallows of The Atlantic to address challenges to free expression in the digital age.


  • Kiran Desai
    Interview: Author Kiran Desai on Freedom of Expression in India

    Booker-prize winner, Kiran Desai, talks with PEN International’s Sarah Clarke about threats to freedom of expression in India and the role of PEN. The interview was took place at PEN’s 79th Congress in Iceland in September 2013, where Desai spoke on behalf of the newly launched PEN Delhi Centre.


  • Malmierca
    Malmierca or Death: We Will Overcome!

    Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment, declared last month that, on the island, there would never be elections involving parties other than the Cuban Communist Party. If the legal route to a multiparty system is closed, what should Castro’s opponents do now?