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  • Imprisoned_Turkish_Writers
    Turkey’s Imprisoned Writers

    Nearly 800 writers, poets, journalists, translators, and editors are currently in prison around the world. Approximately one tenth of them are in Turkey, where an Anti-Terror Law has been broadly applied to target writers. Here PEN Turkey president explains and names the writers under threat.


  • Fernando Pessoa Collage
    Saudade, Hiraeth, and Hüzün

    Writer Israel Centeno’s ‘search to ascribe a tangible meaning to the oblique feeling that goes above and beyond simple nostalgia’ has led him to a close reading of Fernando Pessoa’s works and the stories of Venezuelan writer Enza García Arreaza.


  • Egyptian Protest
    I Don’t Feel Any Revolutionary Frustration!

    Writer Hamdy El-Gazzar reminds the “frustrated revolutionary” that Egyptians have achieved a lot to be proud of since the start of the revolution on January 25, 2011. “Remembering is good medicine for frustration, but what’s better is keeping what we own and paying attention to it.”