Evaluating Asylum Seekers: Physicians For Human Rights’ Asylum Network

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Sampsonia Way presents a series that compiles the experiences of physicians who donate their time to The Asylum Network of Physicians for Human Rights.

PHR’s Asylum Network is a community of hundreds of health professionals who offer pro bono forensic psychological and physical evaluations to document evidence of torture and persecution for men, women, and children fleeing danger in their home countries.

Evaluating Asylum Seekers

by Barbara Eisold, Ph.D

Rwanda Asylum Seeker

In this article PHR’s volunteer Barbara Eisold, Ph.D, explains what the organization does and recounts some of her experiences in providing evaluations for asylum seekers.


An Interview with Dr. Eddy Ameen

by Rachel Webber

Dr. Eddy Ameen

Photo courtesy of Dr. Eddy Ameen

In this interview Dr. Ameen discusses the process of evaluating asylum seekers, the symptoms of trauma that they face, and what the average person can do to help those in exile.


An Interview with Dr. Arno Vosk

by Rachel Webber

Dr. Arno Vosk

Photo courtesy of Dr. Arno Vosk

In this interview Dr. Arno Vosk discusses the role coincidence plays in keeping asylum seekers alive, his method of assessing trauma via an individual’s scars, and the difficulties people face when seeking refuge in the United States.


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