“Stinkbugs” and “A Memory:” Two Poems by Toi Derricotte

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Toi Derricotte

Toi Derricotte reads at Cave Canem 2011 Photo: Rachel Eliza Griffiths

Toi Derricotte is a poet and University of Pittsburgh professor. Along with the poet Cornelius Eady, Derricotte helped found Cave Canem, an organization dedicated to supporting African American poets. She is the author of five books of poetry as well as her literary memoir The Black Notebooks. In 2011 she released The Undertaker’s Daughter, her fifth collection of poems.

In January, Sampsoina Way asked Derricotte to send us some unpublished poems. For National Poetry Month this April we feature two poems from Derricotte: “Stinkbugs” and “A memory.”

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  • Laurie

    Inspiring! Who knew there was poetry to be made from stinkbugs! Let me try….

    It lands on my plate
    shield shaped blotch propped on bent wires
    a crisp puff with eyes