Padre Melo and the Struggle for Human Rights in Honduras

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Jesuit priest, Ismael Moreno, popularly known as Padre Melo, talks about campesino farmers, indigenous groups, human rights defenders, and journalists all struggling against the assassinations, injustices, and official impunity. Video: Dennis Remick via YouTube.

Honduran Jesuit Rev. Ismael Moreno lives and works in El Progreso, Honduras in the midst of a devastating human rights crisis. Known to most as Padre Melo, this Catholic leader has experienced death threats and witnessed the violence that grips Honduras.

This is a rough cut of part of an interview with Moreno. The interview will be the foundation of a longer video filmed in Honduras about courage, compassion, and human rights. The program is titled: Padre Melo, Crisis and Hope in Honduras.

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This video was originally published by Dennis Remick via YouTube on 29 July 2013.

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