Slideshow: Cartoons by Ecuadorian Artist Bonil

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In Ecuador, which ranks #108 out of 180 countries in Reporters without Borders’ 2015 Press Freedom Index, journalists and cartoonists are subjected to intimidation and harassment from the country’s president, Rafael Correa. Xavier Bonilla, who publishes under the penname “Bonil,” is one of the most widely respected political cartoonists in the region. President Correa has called him a liar and fined El Universo newspaper for publishing his work. The government has also charged Bonil with “socioeconomic discrimination.” Due to what Bonil calls Correa’s “discourse of hatred,” the cartoonist has received a death threat from a student claiming to be a member of ISIS. He says the repeated persecution has increased the “subtlety” of his work, so that he relies more on symbols to convey his message.

Bonil shared some of his cartoons with Sampsonia Way. All cartoons are republished with his permission. See more of his work here, and read his interview with Sampsonia Way here.

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