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  • Tarik Günersel - Turkey Exile Hangout
    Exile Hangout: Turkey

    Writers Tarik Günersel, Pinar Selek, Necati Abay, and Cüneyt Ayral talk via Google Hangout about risking imprisonment for writing against the regime, the pattern of repression against opposition writers, the government’s crackdown on free press, and the condition of writing in exile.


  • Alfonso Fanjul
    Free Enterprise Without Freedom

    “Amassing a profit from the humiliation of others is a feudal approach. Is that what post-revolutionary capitalism in Cuba will turn out to be?” Author Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo on exiled Cuban tycoon Alfonso Fanjul and other foreign entrepreneurs now open to investing in Cuba.


  • Where Turkey is Heading Under PM Erdogan
    Believe It or Not

    From ordering a TV station to stop broadcasting a speech by an opposition leader to the imprisonment of Gezi Park protesters, and from the bombing of Kurdish peasants to the targeting of journalists, each day “it seems that PM Erdoğan’s government creates new material for Ripley’s Believe it or Not.”