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  • Three Kings Day in Revolutionary Cuba

    In Cuba, it’s not uncommon for children to say: “The Three Kings are Fidel, Camilo, and Che.” For writer and columnist Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo, Cuba is currently experiencing a “phase of forgetting” in its now decades long history of religious repression.


  • Cartoon Puzzle
    Cartoon: Puzzle

    Repression of the press is a puzzle, and the pieces can take many forms: outright censorship by the state is one form, but the latest arrest of four Al Jazeera journalists in Egypt might be considered another. Cartoon by Ángel Ramiro Zapata Mora (Colombia).


  • Spain's Time Change
    Cartoon: Spain’s Time Change

    Spain’s government recent approval of a restrictive abortion law is seen by activists and women’s groups as turning back the clock on rights acquired by women in Spain almost 30 year ago. Cartoon by Gianfranco Uber (Italy).