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  • Selman Ada
    Selman Ada’s Operas

    A musical genius, Selman Ada’s operas and other works display an incredible spectrum of creativity. In his column, Tarik Günersel writes about the renowned Turkish composer, conductor, pianist, and collaborator; and highlights four of the operas they’ve created together.


  • Chavez cutout
    Notes on Venezuela

    In this week’s column, Israel Centeno takes a look at the political myth-making behind “Chavismo”, which he describes as “a religious movement,” fifteen years in the making, used by the government to veil the country’s deepening economic and social crisis.


  • Monument to the Korean Workers Party, Pyongyang
    Freedom of Speech Roundup

    The week’s top news on freedom of expression, journalists in danger, artists in exile, and banned literature. Featured this week: freedom of religion in North Korea, how internet actually works in China, German-Bulgarian writer and NSA critic Ilija Trojanov denied entry into US.