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  • Luis Trapaga Morales 1
    Jumping into an Empty Pool by Osdany Morales

    Author of two collections of short stories, Osdany Morales is one of the young Cuban writers that, through his many provocative intertextual connections, demonstrates a natural lucidity and playfulness. His work has been included in several short-story anthologies of recent Cuban literature.


  • Shahid Mahmood
    Amplifying the Ludicrous

    Bina Shah speaks with Canadian-Pakistani political cartoonist Shahid Mahmood. His work has been censored in Pakistan and he has received death threats from the Taliban. Mahmood gained notoriety in 2004 when he was stopped from boarding a plane for appearing on a “no-fly”list.


  • Carromero’s Courage

    One year after the suspicious death of Cuban activist Oswaldo Payá, a witness speaks out. Angel Carromero tells world media that the collision that killed two Cuban opposition leaders in June 2012 was the work of Cuban State Security.