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  • Front page of document describing censorship system
    Firewalling a Nation

    On April 17, the Sindh High Court issued a stay order against the blocking of web sites by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, a temporary victory in the fight against arbitrary Internet censorship. But the threat remains.


  • Cornelius Eady
    Cornelius Eady: Three Poems and a Song

    Poems from acclaimed poet and Cave Canem co-founder Cornelius Eady: “Don’t Bum Out The Musicians,” “Toi,” and “My Niece Marie Explains Her Michael Jackson Project.” Also included, an audio clip of Eady reading “Coltrane’s House”.


  • Four Poems by Irakli Kakabadze

    Exclusive publication of four poems by the Georgian-born poet and essayists Irakli Kakabadze: “Penicillin Mini Opera,” “Information Highway Song,” “Condominium of Free Will,” and “Generation of Faithless Monks.”