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  • Khalid Khalifa
    In Praise of Love

    In this week’s From Egypt column, author Hamdy El-Gazzar writes an open letter to his friend Khalid Khalifa, a Syrian novelist who recently returned to war-torn Syria. Khalifa has issued calls to writers and the international community to “Rescue my people.”


  • Meles Zenawi
    Dead Until Proven Alive

    In this week’s Ethiopiques column exiled journalist Mesfin Negash discusses the apparent disappearance of Ethiopian president Meles Zenawi, who hasn’t been seen in public for over 50 days. Rumors are Zenawi might be critically ill or even dead.


  • Farida Afridi
    A Bright Light Goes Out in the Tribal Belt

    In this week’s Pakistan Unveiled author Bina Shah reflects on the death of Pakistani women’s rights activist Farida Afridi. The founder of SAWERA, a women-led human rights NGO in Pakistan’s tribal belt, is suspected to have been killed by Taliban militants.