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  • Funeral of the Rugged Gold

    Author Ko Ko Thett remembers Rugged Gold, a poetry chapbook series produced by the students of Yangon Institute of Technology, a university which was shut down due to student protests.


  • A computer lab in Mekelle University, Ethiopia.
    Territorial Righteousness

    In his column this week, Exiled Ethiopian writer Mesfin Negash dissects “territorial righteousness,” the idea that one has less right to citizenship, less information, less understanding, and less sympathy to national issues because one lives in exile.


  • love_the_prophet_protests
    Testing Boundaries

    “Is freedom of speech incompatible with the values that Muslims hold? Does art have its limits in the Muslim world?” In this week’s Pakistan Unveiled author Bina Shah focuses on The Innocence of Muslims and its effect on the Muslim world.