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  • One of Liu Xia's Doll Photographs
    Liu Xia and Her Dolls

    Tienchi Martin-Liao profiles Liu Xia in this week’s column. The wife of Nobel Peace Prize-winner Liu Xiaobo is currently living under house arrest in Beijing. Recently her photography, featuring dolls, was exhibited at the Berlin Literature Festival.


  • Maung Moe Thu
    Maung Moe Thu: A Happy Man

    Burmese writer and journalist Khet Mar recounts her relationship with her journalism mentor, the respected journalist, editor, and pro-democracy activist Maung Moe Thu.


  • Anti-'Satanic Verses' Demonstration – London
    On Libricide

    Writer Bina Shah recounts her experiences with blasphemy laws, from the fatwa placed on Salman Rushdie to the current persecution of Christians living in Pakistan, and her own wrestling with these policies as both a writer and Muslim.