Latest Articles

  • Afghanistan’s Anna Karenina

    In this week’s column writer Bina Shah reflects on the public execution of Najiba, a 22 year-old Afghan woman who was killed for allegedly having an affair with a Taliban commander. Shah draws parallels between Najiba’s story and that of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.


  • San San Tin: No Time for Dreams

    In this weeks Tea House writer Khet Mar profiles Burmese journalist and writer San San Tin. In exile for over a decade, San San Tin is the author of No Time for Dreams, a personal account of the four decades leading up to the Saffron Revolution.


  • Challenges of Exile Media

    In this week’s Off-Screen journalist Than Win Htut lays out the challenges that faced Democratic Voice of Burma, a media organization working in exile, including the difficulty of finding verifiable information.