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  • Joe Speedboat by Tommy Wieringa

    In Joe Speedboat the inhabitants of a sleepy rural town are shaken awake by the arrival of a kinetic young visionary—the eponymous Joe. After a violent farming accident plunges him into a coma for six months, young Frankie Hermans […]


  • Farang: A Travelogue In Poems

    A travelogue in poems, Peter Blair‘s third collection limns the complexities and contradictions of being an American living abroad. The speaker of these poems is at once immersed in the life of a Thai city, while […]


  • My Little War by Louis Paul Boon

    A novel translated by Paul Vincent Originally published in Flemish in 1947,  My Little War is a fictionalized account of Louis Paul Boon’s experiences during World War II. After serving a mere three days on the frontlines, […]