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  • Ms. Militancy: Poems

    Meena Kandasamy just finished the final manuscripts of her second poetry collection, Ms. Militancy. Kandasamy poems retell Hindu/Tamil myths, in a feminist, anti-hierarchy, and anti-caste perspective. Some of the poems make the myths contemporary by locating […]


  • Between Fresh Blood And Starlight

    In mid-April 1989, thousands of Chinese citizens poured into Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, mourning the death of prodemocracy leader Hu Yaobang. Over the next seven weeks, the peaceful, student-led demonstration swelled to more than 100,000 people—one of […]


  • Letter to City of Asylum/Pittsburgh

    Translated by Michelle Yeh Before the Tiananmen Massacre took place on June 4, 1989, I had been engaged in literary activities at five universities in Beijing. In 1987, I was charged with “disturbing peace of society” […]