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  • In My Orchard

    Originally published in the North American Review, this essay is now part of Masters’ collection “In Rooms of Memory,” (University of Nebraska Press, 2009) My orchard here in Pittsburgh consists of two apple trees, a pear […]


  • Sleepers

    Translated by Tomislav Kuzmanovi if you want to see it all it is here filled to the very brim nothing reflects nor continues every thing breaks in its membrane porous are only the joints windows glistening […]


  • Mulligatawny Dreams

    anaconda. candy. cash. catamaran. cheroot. coolie. corundum. curry. ginger. mango. mulligatawny. patchouli. poppadom. rice. tatty. teak. vetiver. i dream of an english full of the words of my language. an english in small letters an english […]