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  • The Freedom Chat: A Conversation with Andrea Daza Tapia
    The 10 Most Popular Freedom Chats of 2014

    This year, Sampsonia Way introduced The Freedom Chats, a new series that features interviews with journalists and other international media personalities who face censorship and repression in their home countries. Join us in reviewing the most viewed Freedom Chats from 2014.


  • Cuban dissident artist Tania Bruguera. Photo via Youtube user: ArtRootsProject's Channel.
    Tania La (Otra) Guerrilla

    Sus padres eran revolucionarios, de manera que le pusieron de nombre el seudónimo de la alemana que murió en Bolivia combatiendo junto al comando del Ché: “Tania la Guerrillera”, así conocen los cubanos a Tamara Bunke.