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    Ammar 404 is Dead. Long Live Ammar 404!

    “For those who never heard of him before, Ammar 404 is Tunisia’s Big Brother.” The Dissident Blog reports on the former fall, the recent resurrection, and overall pervasiveness of a government authority responsible for online censorship.


  • Cartoon: Untouchable
    Cartoon: Untouchable

    Anne Derenne, French illustrator and cartoonist, visually conveys the new “untouchable” status given to heads of state as well as senior officials by the African Court of Justice and Human Rights.


  • Cartoon: I R A Q
    Cartoon: I R A Q

    ISIS imbues an indelible and bloody mark on Iraq. Payam Boromand of Iran illustrates this serious threat to the integrity of the country in today’s Curated Cartoons.