5 Ways to Support Sampsonia Way

Our mission at Sampsonia Way is to celebrate freedom of expression and give refuge to the work of persecuted writers from around the world. We invite you to join us and show the world how you celebrate freedom of expression.

Whether it’s by posting a photo, sharing our content on social media, giving us feedback, subscribing to our network feeds, or making a donation, your action will show the world your commitment to freedom of expression.

Here are 5 easy actions you can take right now:

1. Photo Wall: “I Believe in Freedom of Expression”

Freedom of Expression Campaign Sidebar

Click image to view wall

Join writers, journalists, and people from around the world in creating a public freedom of expression photo gallery.

Here is how it works:

  1. Make a hand-written sign that tells the world why you believe in freedom of expression. Be creative!
  2. Take a picture of yourself with your sign
  3. Share it! To submit your picture, post it on our Facebook page, share it on Twitter @Sampsonia_Way, or send it via email to info@sampsoniaway.org.Your photo will become part of a worldwide campaign to promote freedom of expression
  4. Check the Wall and download your new profile photo.

NOTE: Please keep it clean – no needless profanity or graphic content. Submissions that are deemed offensive will not be posted on the image wall and will be removed from our Facebook wall.

2. Social Share

Spreading the word is key to keeping freedom of expression alive. Here’s how you can share the Sampsonia Way and our stories with your friends through social media:

Sampsonia Way Magazine - Cover

  • Use our social share buttons located at the top and bottom of each page to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and every other social media outlet available. [image]
  • Make one of our magazine covers your profile picture for a week, or even a day! You can find magazine covers here.

3. Feedback

Not only do we welcome your comments, we need them to continue the dialogue and to better our work.

You can send us your feedback by:

Contribute: 1) Pitch us stories you think we should cover by emailing info@sampsoniaway.org; 2) or be an on-the-ground citizen journalist by sending us photos and videos regarding literary freedom of expression worldwide.

4. Subscribe and Follow

Weekly Digest

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Staying connected with Sampsonia Way is as easy as joining our mailing list or following our social media networks. To get the latest news on freedom of expression, as well as exclusive interviews, and original works by renowned international writers:

  • Subscribe to our Weekly Digest and get our top stories of the week
  • Subscribe to our RSS Feed and get access to our stories whenever you want
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter

5. Donate!

Consider supporting Sampsonia Way by making a donation. Your contribution will help us continue to defend freedom of expression with in-depth articles while celebrating the lives and works of persecuted writers. Donate now!

You can also donate by introducing the magazine to your friends and asking them to join our mission.

Have more ideas? We’ve listed only a few ways to collaborate with us. If you have additional ideas for ways to support Sampsonia Way, please feel free to email us at info@sampsoniaway.org.

  • Mona R. Washington

    Is there a submission procedure?


    Mona R. Washington, playwright

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    What is required to be a contributing writer or submitting writings for publication here?

  • b. antonio vav

    Do you take submissions of poetry from beginning writers? Thank you.

  • Nizamuddin

    I like the tone of this site.


  • Lynne Tatum

    Do you not bother to answer or respond to comments made here?