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About Us

As the in-house magazine for City of Asylum, Sampsonia Way is devoted to literary freedom of expression and giving voice to persecuted writers.

The magazine was named after Sampsonia Way, a street in Pittsburgh that houses exiled writers hosted by City of Asylum. Just as the physical Sampsonia Way provides a home for exiled writers in a literary community, Sampsonia Way aims to create a space in which endangered writers thrive and free literary expression is a valued part of everyday life.

Beginning in 2019, City of Asylum has partnered with the University of Pittsburgh, gaining the support of their Public and Professional Writing Program. Under the guidance of a professor, students create and edit articles, conduct interviews, curate archival content, and manage the social media of Sampsonia Way.

For more information about what to expect through the summer of 2019, read our April Newsletter.

Who We Are

Managing Editor:
Tim Maddocks

Assistant Editors: 
Mia DiFelice
Sarah Gross

Fall 2019 Staff
Nicole Arthur
Kriti Sanghi
Emily Rothermel
Madison Kerlan
Timmy Miller
Jenn Nguyen
Thia Paruchuru

Special Thanks to:
Henry Reese (COA founder)
Abby Lembersky (Program Manager)
Lucia LoTempio (Project Manager)
Karla Lamb (Project Manager)
Khalil Zeigler (Program Coordinator)
Alexis Jabour (Production Coordinator)

Editors Emeriti
Silvia Duarte
Abigail Meinen
Caitlyn Christensen
T.J. Murphy

For all inquiries please contact us at info@sampsoniaway.org

Publisher’s Statement
Sampsonia Way encourages responsible and forceful free expression. The opinions and facts expressed are those of the authors. If you disagree with an opinion or believe we have published an error, please let us know. Other than providing a public forum, we make no warranties.