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Sampsonia Way is an online magazine sponsored by City of Asylum/Pittsburgh celebrating literary free expression and supporting persecuted writers worldwide.

The magazine’s key staff includes exiled writers living on Sampsonia Way, a street in Pittsburgh that spans cultures and languages, which was conceived with their advice from within their own experience of exile and repression. Just as the physical Sampsonia Way provides a home for exiled writers in a revitalized community, SampsoniaWay.org aims to be a virtual home that mobilizes a widely dispersed international public to protect writers and writing by engaging writers and non-writers in a virtual community and by becoming a source for research and dialogue.

We seek to protect and advocate for writers who may be endangered, to educate the public about threats to writers and literary expression, and to create a community in which endangered writers thrive and literary culture is a valued part of everyday life. By “community” we include our local community and international readers and writers and those concerned to advance free expression where endangered, whether living in freedom or in countries that censor and persecute literary writers.

Sampsonia Way is produced for City of Asylum/Pittsburgh by Silvia Duarte under a grant from the Queequeg Foundation. She is proud to produce a magazine of worldwide impact with a staff composed entirely of volunteers, part-time freelancers and consultants, and interns. If you would like to contribute, please email Silvia at silvia@sampsoniaway.org.

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To take a virtual stroll down the street Sampsonia Way, go to “The Making of a Street with a View”

Privacy Policy
Your contact information will be used only in association with Sampsonia Way’s and City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s electronic news mailings. We will never sell your address or give it to any third party. You may opt out of mailings at any time.

Publisher’s Statement
Sampsonia Way encourages responsible and forceful free expression. The opinions and facts expressed are those of the authors. If you disagree with an opinion or believe us to have published an error, please let us know. Other than providing a public forum, we make no warranties.

Statement on Community and Comment Moderation
Sampsonia Way Magazine is a publication which celebrates creativity, dialogue, and freedom of expression. We are dedicated to creating a global community in which writers and literary culture can thrive. Those of all backgrounds and beliefs are welcome to read, discuss, and learn from each other. Hate speech, threats, violence, and those who choose to use language as a weapon of oppression, will not be welcome.