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  • Farewell and Farce-well to a Dictator

    Journalist Mesfin Negash examines the effect that PM Meles Zenawi’s death has had on Ethiopia. Negash highlights how state media has manufactured the image of national grief, blurring the lines between private and public mourning.


  • Silence is Loud

    For eight months Ethiopian Muslims have been protesting against the government’s interference in the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council. Journalist Mesfin Negash examines the ways in which the government has suppressed protesters and religious freedom.


  • Meles Zenawi
    Dead Until Proven Alive

    In this week’s Ethiopiques column exiled journalist Mesfin Negash discusses the apparent disappearance of Ethiopian president Meles Zenawi, who hasn’t been seen in public for over 50 days. Rumors are Zenawi might be critically ill or even dead.