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  • Tree of Life

    by Michael Simms

    “When the young man wearing a yarmulke/ Asks Excuse me sir are you Jewish?/ I want to say yes/ I’ve studied history and know/ Something about suffering,/ But that’s not what he means.”


  • pittsburgh sun

    by Mehrnaz Tiv

    “She flows like petals, just as soft and as sweet,/Drowning these western slopes in lush tonics of springtime./June she blooms, then in august she glows./ The pittsburgh sun sticks like jasmine honey.”


  • Requiem 21

    by Lindsay Surmacz

    “Your strength is what made you The Great One./ Not the might that scarred the sky three thousand times,/ but the will that forged broomsticks and soup cans/ into silver scepters and golden gloves.”


  • comfort in ten landscapes

    by anaïs peterson

    “2. the notable absence of acute danger/
    a. soft orange evening light and faded blue couch covers/
    b. mass produced lemon bars over dusted with powdered sugar that are somehow still delicious”


  • Counting

    by Gail Langstroth

    “March winds vex pine boughs/forsythia says we love you, air; /we love you/ my shadow claws cement’s/ cache”


  • Hate Has No Home Here

    by Shooooz

    Listen, when I point out
    The scent of fresh-baked revisionism
    Lingering in the air
    While the woman in the window
    With the perfect beachy hair
    Bends over the oven and
    She has no face
    Just a thin, wide-spaced font
    Across her front
    Typeset in too many tongues to count