Pittsburgh’s New Literary Calendar

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Now there’s no excuse to miss a reading in the ‘Burgh…

City of Asylum/Pittsburgh has launched a new, comprehensive literary calendar for the city of Pittsburgh. The new calendar expands on Pittsburgh Poetry Calendar’s (PPC) design to include literary events of all types and genres. The calendar’s editor, Renée Alberts, explains, “The Pittsburgh Poetry Calendar was just poetry events…Joining up with City of Asylum/Pittsburgh has been a really good thing: the wider the variety of events, the better. We’re hoping it fosters inter-community involvement, and expands Pittsburgh’s literary scene through cross-pollination.”

Visitors to the new Pittsburgh Literary Calendar will find a clean layout with an extensive search tool that allows users to find an event by date, cost, type, venue, or keyword. The new calendar also features the ability to narrow down the listed events by genre. Toggle buttons to the right of the calendar streamline PPC’s color-coded schema.

Click on each date to see more information about the scheduled events in the right sidebar, then click “View Details” to get the extended low-down about an event’s location, pricing, and to find out whether your favorite authors will be signing, or simply selling copies of their books that evening.

Unlike print schedules or static lists of upcoming events, the Pittsburgh Literary Calendar is interactive and designed to grow. Users with contributions to Pittsburgh’s literary scene are encouraged to sign up and post events for free. It’s also possible to add a new venue to the current list — which includes places like WYEP’s Community Broadcast Center and galleries such as Modern Formations, as well as more informal venues like Hemmingway’s Cafe in Oakland or House Poem on the Northside.

Alberts mentions that each post must be approved by a site monitor: “It keeps the calendar from getting cluttered. We want to make sure events and venues are only posted once, so that there aren’t ten Shadow Lounge entries when there’s only one Shadow Lounge.” As a result, users won’t see their post on the calendar immediately.

There are approximately nineteen events scheduled for the month of March, with more coming as we head into April. Clear your schedule for what’s coming up and check back often; new events are being added all the time. Better yet–add your own event, and let other folks know what’s happening in Pittsburgh. As Alberts says, “The more people that are using the calendar, the more people are involved, the better the calendar becomes, and the bigger the events get. Each box filled with dates and times actually represents people’s voices.”

A link to the Pittsburgh Literary Calendar will be permanently posted on the Sampsonia Way homepage.

Interested users can also check out the calendar’s Facebook page.

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