Video: 2011 Jazz Poetry Concert Highlights

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Jazz Poetry Concert 2011

Palestinian poet Hind Shoufani with Oliver Lake and the Tarbaby Trio

On September 10, 2011 City of Asylum/Pittsburgh hosted its 7th annual Jazz Poetry Concert. This free event feautured jazz musician Oliver Lake and the jazz trio Tarbaby.

The poets included Sonia Sanchez, City of Asylum/Pittsburgh’s writer-in-residence Israel Centeno from Venezuela, former writer-in-resident Khet Mar from Burma, and three writers from the University of Iowa International Writing Program: Palestinian Hind Shoufani, Russian Alexandra Petrova, and Finnish Tommi Parkko.

The event also included a high-wire act by the tightrope walkers The Flying Wallendas performing to the words of Salman Rushdie from his novel The Ground Beneath Her Feet. 

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