A Caravan of Book Smugglers: Librotraficante in Pictures

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The name of the Librotraficante Movement started as a joke between friends more than five years ago after a book fair. Now, the movement brings banned books to communities throughout the Southwest and is a voice against the censorship of Chicano literature in Tucson, Arizona.

On Monday Sampsonia Way published a profile of the group and its members, today we present their story in pictures.

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Zach Tackett is an Editorial/Marketing intern at Sampsonia Way. In the spring of 2013, he will graduate from Saint Vincent College with a degree in English with concentrated studies in literature, creative writing, and translation studies. In 2010, he was the first freshman to win the Ragan Poetry Contest judged that year by 2008 National Poetry Series winner Sarah O’Brien. He recently received an A.J. Palumbo Grant to gather material for a poetic documentary project in Guatemala. His poetry has been published in Ohio Northern University’s literary journal Polaris.

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