Videos: Librotraficante Book Smuggling Caravan Highlights

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Arriving in San Antonio, The Librotraficantes Take Over the Alamo

Arriving in San Antonio, the Librotraficantes take over the Alamo

Earlier this month, Sampsonia Way showcased the accomplishments of the Librotraficante movement. Watch highlights from the caravan’s book–smuggling mission below.

“Arizona, we’re throwing the book at you.” To kick off the caravan, Tony Diaz defines the vocabulary of the Librotraficante movement.

“It talked about peace. It talked about ending wars. It talked about being proud of who we are as human beings.” Standing in front of the Alamo, Dr. Carmen Tafolla speaks about her banned book and the importance of ethnic studies.

In this video from the Librotraficante caravan’s final stop in Tuscon, Dagoberto Gilb reads Lalo Delgado’s poem “Stupid America.”

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