The Freedom Chat: Azerbaijani Journalist and Human Rights Activist Arzu Geybulla

by    /  June 22, 2015  / 1 Comment

The Freedom Chat is an ongoing series by Sampsonia Way featuring interviews with journalists and other media workers facing censorship and repression in their home countries. In these Q&As, conducted via video chat, journalists talk with Sampsonia Way about press freedom, anti-free speech legislation, and exile.

In this installment, editorial intern Lindsay Bayne speaks with Arzu Geybulla, an Azerbaijani blogger, human rights journalist, and political analyst currently living in Istanbul, Turkey. In this interview, Geybulla discusses the current climates of freedom of expression in both Turkey and Azerbaijan, the political imprisonment of journalists in light of the European Games, and her future expectations for the two countries. This is an audio-only interview.

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    Very good, Lindsay. Congratulations!