“Making Love in Spanish”: A Poem by Jennifer Clement

Read a poem by Jennifer Clement, poet and former president of PEN Mexico.


The Lonely War: One Woman’s Struggle for Modern Iran

I was born a few days before the end of 1970, but as it is for every Iranian of my generation, my story truly begins with the revolution. The events of 1979 transformed our world in ways that we are still struggling to understand.


Excerpt: Censors At Work: How States Shaped Literature

Robert Darnton’s new book examines the effect state censorship had on literature in Communist East Germany, antebellum France, and 18th century colonial India.

The Village Indian

The Village Indian by Abbas Khider

The Village Indian tells author Abbas Khider’s own story of exile. With elements of both tragedy and comedy, the following excerpt – Chapter 6: The Miracles – details the many “miracles” that allow Khider’s fictional protagonist, Rasul Hamid, to flee from Iraq to Germany.

Bones Will Crow

Bones Will Crow Revisited: Poems from Khin Aung Aye and Pandora

Two poems from Bones Will Crow, the first anthology of contemporary Burmese poetry translated into English: “Achilles’ Heel” by Khin Aung Aye and “The Sniper” by Pandora. Both poems are translated by the poet Ko Ko Thett.

How to Survive in America: A Conversation with Damon Young
Last summer, Damon Young — the writer, critic, and humorist — partnered with City of Asylum to host a six-episode series called “How to Survive in America” in which he interviewed some of his favorite writers about writing, race, living throu Read more...
Douglas Ridloff at Play: The Poet Brings ASL Slam to the World
"Over time, I realized as I found my native language of expression, it led to poetry ... and once I had that freedom in sign language, it led to so much more." — Douglas Ridloff
Roslyn Bernstein Explores Jennifer Clement’s Fight for Freedom of Expression
  When I first met Jennifer Clement, our conversation swirled from nostalgic memories of New York City to the vital work she’s done as president of PEN International. We met this past February in the Lafayette […]

Literary Voices

  • The Complicated Risk: An Interview with Pedro X. Molina

    If I love Nicaragua, I must criticize Nicaragua — Nicaragua, as a society, as a government —  because I care about it. … No healthy patriotism comes from the notion that the things you love are above critique. Where there is injustice, oppression, flawed systems within your society, country, government, religion, family, we must speak out.