A Thousand and One Cries
A Thousand and One Cries will use a literary edge to reflect on Middle Eastern cultural and political trends, paying special attention to the condition of women and other minorities in Egypt.
Nesreen Salem writes fiction and commentary on political and cultural affairs in Egypt and the Middle East. Although her heart is in Alexandria, the city of her birth, she lives in England. There, she works as the Egyptian Feminist Union’s UK Coordinator and a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Essex. Her field of research includes history, feminism, myths, legends, and fairytales. Currently, she is writing her first novel and a collection of poetry.
  • Egypt’s New Clothes

    Egypt will be abandoning Cairo’s infrastructure problems and building a new capital in imitation of Dubai or Singapore, just as the proverbial Emperor donned new clothes.


  • Notes on (Egyptian) Nationalism

    The anniversary of the January 25 revolution has not passed unstained with blood, mixed with the memory of 2011′s euphoria and the relentlessly lingering hope and desire to witness the actualization of its promised fruit.


Fearless, Ink.