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  • Spice Ain’t White

    by Roosha Mandal

    “Alphabet, alphabet, alphabet soup:/ the clear, viscous drizzle singes my taste buds/ and my tongue yearns for/ clove, cardamom, and a country of colorful saris.”


  • Warm

    by Seth Parente

    Sunflower seeds sit salty against my cheek
    Teeth cracking the shells
    Warm and sharp
    Broken pieces on my tongue
    A burnt taste of nostalgia


  • Constellations

    by Trevor Moffa

    Pockmarks in the Pittsburgh dark
    Midnight oil burning portals open
    Like potholes in the empty streets
    Peopled apartments, blocks of offices
    Being cleaned for morning, light
    Left on in a hurry


  • Vacation

    On the car ride home from a family vacation
    my stepfather is half focused on the road
    half bored with the radio
    my mother sleeps
    my two kid brothers blankly stare at a little screen
    I vehemently listen to headphones
    and crave a cigarette

    my baby sister gazes out the window
    smiles occasionally


  • March 16, 2020

    by Debbie Wilkinson

    “Will you tuck me in?”

    Years ago picking through stones
    worn down in the nestling sand,
    I showed you how to slip them smooth across the rustling water,
    while waves shimmered into sleep. …