Tugging & Pulling: An Interview With Melissa Lozada-Oliva

“We are trying our best to bring forth every strand of Latinidad and also be able to put the idea of “Latinidad” under a microscope and criticize it and dig up its dirt and try to shut down anti-blackness. We’re starting to come to terms with the fact that Latinx isn’t a race, even if it is a marginalized group heavily targeted by the president. Everything is constantly redefining itself and it’s nice to be a part of the cycle.” 


Writing Towards Complexity: A Conversation with José Olivarez

  This series — Latinx & Proud! — is a look into the world of Latinx literature and the poets who use language to explore the boundaries of their communities and identities. By sharing these interviews and articles, we hope […]


Memories in Exile: Horacio Castellanos Moya on Unraveling Politics and War

by Timmy Miller & Sarah Gross                 The following conversation is part of an ongoing series called Memories in Exile, in which we interview current and former resident writers […]


Memories in Exile: Tuhin Das on Creating a Beautiful World

  The following conversation is part of an ongoing series called Memories in Exile, in which we interview current and former resident writers who have come to Pittsburgh and lived in exile on Sampsonia Way. The […]


Writer’s Block: Cornelius Eady

In this Writer’s Block, recorded and taped in the summer of 2019, Cornelius Eady discusses his creative influences, his writing process, and how Cave Canem has evolved over the years.  Interview by Rosa Williamson-Rea and Maggie […]


SW Daily

  • A Love Letter to My Hometown

    by Alexandra Gipson

    “I grew up in Plum, a funny name for a funny town/ whose gaudy purple trash cans display the words/
    “One Great Big Small Boro”/ with pride, as if this town has something to be proud of.”


  • Patrice Nganang image
    What Writers Are Reading: Patrice Nganang

    Patrice Nganang describes his reading diet: “I read and stop, this book, that book, without distinction. Sometimes I read all the books of an author, and then move to other writers. I just finished reading the books by Cameroonian writer Max Lobe, and now it is Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor I am reading, after this I am reading Imbolo Mbue.”


  • May Day

    by Mike Schneider

    Spend! Spend! Spend! Spend!
    says the lady in billowing purple
    & gold pajama pants & flip-flops,
    shuffling east on Carson at 15th …


  • Love Song to Pixelated Foxes

    by Ellen McGrath Smith

    “I have leased out my soul to these animals, no strings attached save their promise to keep being foxes, living on the fringe of the mess we’ve made, scoring petty carnage … ”


  • Imprisonment of GN Saibaba Is Tantamount to Torture

    In a statement given to the Scholars at Risk, his wife Vasantha Kumari said that during her last phone call with Saibaba, he “could speak with great difficulty. We could make out he was breathless, his throat was sore.” With each passing day, it grows increasingly troubling that, even after a positive test for Covid-19, the Indian government and the government of Maharashtra State will continue their practice of denying basic medical care to Saibaba.


  • The Land of Make Believe

    by Michelle Fossum

    “Last night I dreamt That Tom Hanks was my houseguest. His neighborly limbs were/Too long to fit comfortably within our walls,/ Having grown smaller somehow. Is it because of the quarantine,/
    I thought, or was the house always this size?”