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  • Santi Subito
    Cartoon: Instant Saints

    In today’s Curated Cartoon at Sampsonia Way Magazine, Italian artist Gianfranco Uber pokes fun at the rapidity and unprecedented act of joint canonization carried out by Pope Francis.


  • María López de León and Pedro Rodriguez
    Cultivating Latino Arts: Video Interview with María López De León

    In this video interview with María López De León, she recounts her longstanding personal and professional dedication to the promotion of Latino arts, community, and culture. Ms. López is the Executive Director and a board member for the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures. She was also nominated by President Obama to be a member for the National Council on the Arts in 2012.


  • Maria Lopez De Leon
    “Who I am in this life”: An Interview with María López De León

    In an exclusive interview with Sampsonia Way Magazine, María López De León discloses her professional convictions and personal history in promoting Latino arts, culture, and equality across various networks. Also, López details her work as the Executive Director of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), her nomination by President Obama to the National Council of the Arts, and she enumerates several grant opportunities that support Latino arts and culture.