Though the video journalists of Democratic Voice of Burma provide daily news stories for Burma's media, what no one gets to see is what happens behind the camera, off screen. I ask them why they do what they do and what they see as they expose a country that has been under the shadow of dictatorships for decades.
Than Win Htut currently lives in Oslo, Norway and has been the Sub-Editor for Democratic Voice of Burma since 2005. After leaving Burma, Than lived on the Thai-Burma border and wrote for many exiled media outlets including Khit Pyaing, Amyin Thit, The Irrawaddy Magazine, and Mizzima News. He produces his own weekly science and technology TV show called "Khit Hlaine," working with around 40 Burmese reporters living in Thailand and 40 living in Burma.
  • Challenges of Exile Media

    In this week’s Off-Screen journalist Than Win Htut lays out the challenges that faced Democratic Voice of Burma, a media organization working in exile, including the difficulty of finding verifiable information.


  • Talk2DVB screenshot
    The Beginning of Talk2DVB

    “Just before the 2010 election in Burma I proposed the idea to make a segment on our TV program where our audience could talk about their problems directly.” Video journalist Than Win Htut recounts the rocky start of TV program Talk2DVB.


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